Silicone Necklace

puzzle for necklace

Eco-Friendly Puzzle Teether Necklaces - Wholesale Silicone Teething Toys

Material Composition: 100% organic, food-grade silicone

Safety Standards: BPA-free, non-toxic, and FDA compliant

Puzzle Design: Interlocking pieces for cognitive development,Middle Heart Shape 

Durability: Dishwasher safe and temperature resistant

Certification: Certified organic and eco-friendly manufacturing process

Packaging: Customizable and biodegradable options available


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Our teether toy puzzle necklaces offer a unique combination of safety, sensory stimulation, and cognitive development for infants. Made with organic, BPA-free silicone, these necklaces are designed to be both durable and gentle on babies' gums. Available for bulk purchase, they provide an excellent addition to any eco-friendly retail lineup. Each puzzle piece interlocks to engage little ones' problem-solving skills, making this teething necklace a smart choice for conscious consumers.
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