Silicone Necklace

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Custom Silicone Soft Toy Teethers Necklace- Wholesale

Material: Organic Food-Grade Silicone

Safety: FDA-Approved, BPA-Free, Non-Toxic

Design: Customizable Shapes and Colors

Features: Sensory Bumps for Gum Stimulation

Use: Ideal for Sensory Development, Autism-Friendly

Cleaning: Easy to Sterilize, Dishwasher Safe

Type:Chewy Necklace



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  • Description

Introducing our line of soft toy baby teethers, crafted from organic food-grade silicone for the ultimate in infant

safety and comfort. As a supplier specializing in custom wholesale, we offer an array of hot-selling teething 

solutions that cater to young ones with sensory needs, including those on the autism spectrum.

Our teethers come with the assurance of being FDA-approved, featuring a chewable silicone texture that is

both soothing and stimulating for little gums. The unique sensory bumps encourage developmental play 

and provide relief during teething phases.

Each teether necklace is customizable, allowing for various shapes and colors to suit any preference. 

They are easy to clean, sterilized withouthassle, and dishwasher-safe, making them a practical choice 

for busy parents.

By choosing our teethers, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a sensory experience that 

supports infant development while offering peace of mind through stringent safety standards.

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