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Wholesale Silicone Beach Toy Sets - Buckets, Shovels, Frisbees, and Sand Molds

Our Silicone Beach Toy Sets are designed for maximum durability and fun. 

Each set includes a flexible silicone bucket that withstands squeezing and bending, a sturdy silicone shovel for effective digging, a lightweight silicone frisbee for beach games, and various sand molds including starfish, seashell, heart, turtle, and rainbow designs. The silicone material is BPA-free, easy to clean.

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Introducing our premium Silicone Beach Toy Sets available for bulk purchase. 

These sets are an excellent addition to any retail space aiming to offer high-quality, child-friendly beach accessories. 

Each set is thoughtfully curated to include a range of playful and educational shapes, encouraging creativity and outdoor activity. 

The silicone construction is not only soft to the touch and safe for all ages but also environmentally responsible, 

providing a sustainable option for eco-conscious consumers. 

With our wholesale pricing, retailers can offer these delightful beach toy sets at competitive prices 

while ensuring a product that is built to last beyond the season.

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